5. Are You Scared Yet?


Off with your head
D-dance-dance-dance ’til you’re dead
O-off-off-off with your head
D-dance-dance-dance ’til you’re dead
O-off-off-off with your head

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The club was big, two stories with spiral stairs and a giant stage, but that did not stop the room from filling up to its fullest capacity. The bass was loud and shook the walls while laser lights shot onto a myriad of skimpily dressed glam skeletons and Harley Quinns huddled together and flailing their limbs around as if they were in their own worlds while shirtless boys with police caps and fangs tried to keep up. The place reeked of expensive alcohol and cigars and although it was similar in tone to any low-end club Kristen had been to, it was not, Dylan Marvil made sure that everything was glamorous, even the go-go boys. Kristen was seated at the bar in her Vivian Ward costume with her date who had been trying to impress her all evening but by now was halfway drunk and slightly more charming than his normally colorless personality. He was babbling on about lacrosse because he had heard she used to play. She didn’t. Kristen had long given up nodding politely and was by now visibly uninterested, not that he would notice, absentmindedly picking off glitter from her blonde bob and looking around the room for her “friends”.

She immediately identified Dylan dressed as Mia Wallace at the top of the stairs chatting away with people Kristen did not recognize. Dylan had been exceptionally snappy all week but tonight no one could tell that she was ever in a foul mood, matter of fact, she seemed to be over-friendly with the dark haired stranger she was leaning into. Marley (as Sandy Olsson) and Grace (as Magenta) were dancing at the center of the floor with some of the most popular crowd grinding on them. She considered getting up from her seat and joining them but that was when she spotted something more alluring. Christopher Black was coming from one of the back rooms in his usual leather jacket and dark wash jeans getup but with a cowboy hat he had seemed to throw on last minute just to avoid Dylan’s wrath. Yet he seemed to be so much more attractive than any boy in the place. Kristen took another shot and slid out of her seat walking towards the dance floor until she was next to Christopher. His eyes fell on her and he parted away from the girl he had been dancing with and was now inches away from Kristen.

“Dance with me.” She wrapped her arms around his neck. His eyes sparkled brightly under the flashing lights although they seemed to be slightly detached from reality. He was definitely high off of something. He grabbed onto her waist tightly with his thumbs brushing her bare waist.

“Love to.” his voice growled deep and seductive against her ear.

“What are you doing later tonight?” Kristen bit her lip. “This party is getting boring don’t you think?”

“I agree.” He said without hesitation. “All parties are boring compared to the ones we have.” His eyes wandered from the sea of people back to her and they exchanged a knowing smirk. “But not tonight my dear, I have to pack for New York.”

“New York for winter break sounds fun although I imagined somewhere warmer for you. Somewhere like Ibiza.”

“Mmmm that does sound nice. But sadly i’m not going for fun.” The beat had dropped giving Kristen the chance to pick up what he was saying more clearly. “I might transfer to Colombia next semester.”

Kristen was thankful for the music that was getting louder and making her sudden silence seem less awkward. “Do the others know yet?” She shouted.

“I’ll tell everyone once I’ve decided.” He said calmly and it made Kristen wonder if he would miss them or he is just as heartless as everyone says he is.

“Are you going to miss me?” He said as if reading her mind. Kristen didn’t say anything. Did she? She couldn’t really place an answer. She was going to miss the thrill of having him when everything else felt like reruns of a horrible TV show, but did she really miss him? “Well don’t. I hate sentimental things.”

The alcohol had finally gotten to her so she managed to find her way to the top of the stairs where the balcony doors awaited. As soon as she slid it open a rush of cold night air rushed into her nose becoming almost too much. She stepped out into the darkness feeling nauseous and dizzy but soon realized she was not alone. Derrick Harrington sat slouched on a picnic table holding a half empty bottle of beer.

“Why aren’t you enjoying the party?”

“It’s a little bit warm in there.” He slurred, his cheeks were an adorable shade of rose pink. “Yeah it’s like a sauna.” Kristen said fanning herself as she sat next to him.

“Want some?” He extended his arm and Kristen took the bottle, taking a swig of the fizzy fluid.

“You and Dyl made up yet?”

He shook his head. “Not that simple I guess.”

“Look, Dylan can be dramatic at times but you know how she is.” Derrick scoffed. “Dramatic is an understatement don’t you think?”

“Well you did date Massie Block in high school, I think we can all agree who the real drama queen is.” They both laughed. Derrick cracked a wide row of pearly teeth as he mused. “Good old times.” He said looking down at the city then looking back at Kristen, gazing into her eyes. Then there was a soothing silence before his hand reached up and her slowly brushed away a strand of hair on Kristen’s cheek. The he leaned into her and gave her a kiss.

The door opened with a bang that made Kristen jolt and turn around. Grace stood there staring at the two with her eyes open wide. “Liam is looking for you Derrick.”

Derrick got up from his seat and quickly walked into the room just as Grace walked closer to Kristen. As soon as Derrick was inside the room again and it was just the two girls standing awkwardly outside, Kristen cleared her throat.

“Grace, it’s not what it looks like.”

“Save it.” Grace’s glare sent a chill down Kristen’s spine. “I don’t know what is going on between those two but you better not be getting in the middle of things. They were fine until you came along and if I find out you have anything to do with their break up you bet I will make your life miserable.” She turned around and was ready to head in before she stopped in her tracks again. “And even if I don’t ruin you, trust that Dylan Marvil will.” Then Kristen was finally alone on the balcony this time.

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Hello My Brains Brawns and Beauties,

I just wanted to mention if you are confused as to why I have a Halloween post out in the middle of January, I have decided not to go with our timeline but rather the timeline in my character’s universe. Other than the fact that I promised a Halloween postin my last post, I have found that the old strategy of blogging to make deadlines and views to be a bit tiring yet I am also too inspired to give up on blogging altogether…so I of course welcome to read my posts as well as thank you for sticking by me. And I must say that I am also really enjoying the feeling of blogging for myself.

I haven’t touched up on the subject of what I will be doing now that both Dylan and Marley have left WordPress but I have taken some time to think of what I will be doing plot-wise and I am very satisfied with my conclusion as I feel it is consistent to to my character and the current plot I have. I am of course sad to see them not blogging anymore but they are both great friends to me and I have formed a sisterly bond with many of the bloggers on here. I still keep in touch with them and I can’t wait to hear about the great things they can accomplish in life. I have said it many times before and will say it again…though our community is dying, I will still stay because I have connected with this world I built so much and blogging is a form of release for me.


Sealed With A Big Kiss,